Church Leaders Workshop at Renew Conference

John Barton, Mike Cope, and Jeff Walling, Headline Church Leaders Workshop at Annual Renew Conference

FEBRUARY 6-7, 2015

Pepperdine University is pleased to partner with the College Church of Christ in Fresno, California to host the Church Leaders Workshop as part of the College Church’s annual Renew Conference.

John Barton, Professor of Religion at Pepperdine and Associate Director for the University’s Center for Faith and Learning,will draw upon his wealth of experience in missions and education to provide models of leadership.

Mike Cope, Director of Ministry Outreach at Pepperdine and Senior Preaching Minister for Golf Course Road Church of Christin Midland, Texas, will bring teaching that will inform and encourage your ministry.

Jeff Walling, Director of Pepperdine’s Youth Leadership Initiative, will share perspectives for engaging the emerging generation.

Church Leaders Workshop at Renew Conference
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