Pepperdine Launches Program to Support Early Career Pastors

Pepperdine University is proud to announce COMMUNITAS Pastoral Leadership Program. The program supports and honors early career pastors in their development as leaders who can guide their congregations toward becoming significant agents for positive change in their communities.

The goals of the program are to deepen pastors’ understanding of the significant issues facing their communities, to enhance their knowledge and skill as congregational leaders, and to provide opportunities for them to build significant relationships with civic leaders and with each other by expanding their circles of contacts and influence.

The program selects fifteen pastors from the greater Los Angeles area who in their first five to ten years of ministry, who have demonstrated high potential for significant leadership. They participate in a series of brief retreat-seminars over a two year period that brings them into conversation with business, political and community leaders and with Pepperdine faculty who have particular expertise related to pressing social and economic issues in the greater Los Angeles area.

By encouraging the formation of networks with other pastors at a similar stage of career development, Communitas helps early career pastors find the support that will be crucial to their ongoing success as congregational and community leaders.

Communitas has been generously funded by a grant from the Lilly Endowment Inc.

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Pepperdine Launches Program to Support Early Career Pastors

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