God, Freedom and Human Dignity

Do you live a “me-centered” life or a “God-centered” life? Ron Highfield’s latest book is receiving a lot of attention for the way it thoughtfully addresses this very question. Our inclination toward a distant relationship with a creator God hinders us from finding our identity in Him. Highfield suggests that a distant relationship with God often stems from a sense of unease that God threatens our freedom and dignity. 

Many are praising this book for the way it touches the pulse of the me-centered culture of today. 

Scot McKnight says, “Ron Highfield’s book explores the philosophical and theological inner world of the core human temptation—the Promethean quest to challenge and even be god. By unmasking the impulses, desires and arrogance of the modern self, God, Freedom and Human Dignity provides for anyone who cares about the gospel today a guide to the postmodern condition and where the gospel must strike first.”

Read Scot’s blog entry about this book.

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God, Freedom and Human Dignity
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